MICS Programming Contest

General Information
Teams of 3 (or 2) students share a single computer and compete against other teams to solve interesting and challenging programming problems. Teams are encouraged to bring textbooks and other non-electronic materials as resources. The top three teams will be recognized at the Saturday lunch banquet.

MICS 2014 Student Programming Contest Rules

A team will consist of at most three students. Each team may have at most one graduate student member.

The programming contest will be three hours in duration.

The team correctly solving the most problems within the three hours will be declared the winner. In the event that more than one team solves the same number of problems, the team solving them in the least total time will be declared the winner.

Each incorrect submission results in a 20 minute time penalty, so it is important that teams minimize incorrect submissions.

During the contest, the network must only be used to submit contest problems or ask questions and get responses from the contest officials.

Teams will not be allowed to use any electronic devices, including (but not limited to) calculators, PDAs, cellular phones, laptops, and mp3/tape players. Teams may not bring CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, or any other form of digital media.

Teams may bring textbooks and paper documents. Teams may also use any documentation that has been installed as part of the contest machine.

Each team will be assigned an area that includes a single computer and three chairs.