32nd Annual Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium

April 15-17, 1999
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, WI

Table Of Contents

A CBT Solution for Teaching & Learning of Introductory Concepts in Computer Science

Gongzhu Hu & Jay Murthy-Central Michigan University

A Graduate Student Administration System Using Delphi 3.0 and MS-Access

Xinfa Cai and T.E. O'Neil-University of North Dakota

A Third-Semester GUI Programming Course

W. Douglas Maurer-The George Washington University

Considerations for Converting a Course for Distance Education Delivery

Donna M. Raleigh-UW - Eau Claire

Cooperative Learning in Introductory Information Systems: Effectiveness and Efficiency at the Individual Level - Preliminary Results

William Wehrs-UW - La Crosse

Course Creation Software: Box or Building Blocks for Instruction

Mary F. O'Sullivan-Western Wisconsin Technical College

Developing A Public-Domain Question Database for Physics Courses

Christopher D. Wentworth & Mark Plano Clark-Doane College

Evelyn T. Patterson & David E. Bell-The U.S.A.F. Academy

Gregor M. Novak-Indiana University - Purdue

Development of a Web-Based Multimedia Physics Lesson

Nathan Rosenstock-Doane College

Ethics! A Tough Course to Deliver

Abdu Bashir-Moorhead State University

Theresia Fisher-St. Cloud State University

Extracting Data from a MOO

Curt Hill-Valley City State University

Integrating Instructional Technology into the Classroom: Laptops and LearningSpace in Business Administration

Cynthia L. Krey and Karen M. Walker-The College of St. Catherine

Integrated Computer Application for Student Problem Solving Across Courses in Physics, Statistics, and Physical Therapy Research

Clyde B. Killian and Igor P. Kogoutiouk-Clarke College

Integrating the C++ Standard Template Library Into the Undergraduate Computer Science Curriculum

James Kelsh and Roger Lee-Central Michigan University

Interpreting Expert Knowledge for Computerized Question Generation

Cody Zilverberg-St John's University

IT Training for College Students, Who Needs It?

Penny Haselwander and Michael G. Konemann-Carroll College

Maintaining the Radsci-L Internet Listserv: It's Birth, Growth, Trials and Instructional Implications

Bob Raasch-Western Wisconsin Technical College

Media Centers: A Means of Adding Flexibility and Management Capability to the Physical Layer of Computer Networks

Dennis Guster, Richard Sundheim and Eric Danielson-St. Cloud State University

Model Railroading as an Active Learning Mechanism for Teaching Computer Science

Thomas P. Sturm-University of St. Thomas

Network Instructional Units

William M. Farmer and Richard E. Mowe-St. Cloud State University

Parameter Selection Using Case-Based Reasoning

Paul Juell and Patrick Paulson-North Dakota State University

Proposal for a Secured Web Based File System

Paul Juell & Murali Dhandapani-North Dakota State University

Providing Feedback to CS Students: Some Alternatives

J. Philip East-University of Northern Iowa

Public-Key Image Encryption Using Image Processing Hardware

Ronald Marsh-North Dakota State University

Research and Development of Virtual Worlds for Immersive Instruction

Brian Slator-North Dakota State University

Robot Gladiators: A Java Exercise with Artificial Intelligence

David Yuen & Lowell Carmony-Lake Forest College

Simulation of ATM Congestion Control Algorithms

Jesse A. Alama and A. Andy Lopez-University of Minnesota - Morris

Student Involvement in Designing a Network Encryption Algorithm

Ronald Marsh-North Dakota State University

Teaching Problem-Solving Techniques Utilizing a Running Example Problem

Mark Fienup-University of Northern Iowa

The Historical Progression in Inquiry of Knowledge and Higher Order Thinking Utilizing Global Internet Resources in a Computer Classroom

Marlene De Voe-St. Cloud State University

The NDSU ACM Computer Consultant Program

Nathan Duffy-North Dakota State University

The Importance of Independent Testing

Amy Gander-University of Northern Iowa

The Technology Learning Center: A model for Delivering Student Technology Training

Sheree Kornkven, Vidya Neelakantapillai, and Ken Enockson-North Dakota State University

The Use of Technology to Augment a Once-A-Week Accounting Principles Course

Robin Alexander-UW - La Crosse

The Visual Program Project

Paul Juell-North Dakota State University

Vector Based Genetic Algorithm

Paul Juell and Radha S. Balakrishnan-North Dakota State University

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