26th Annual Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium
April 16-17, 1993
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Table Of Contents

Administration of an Interdisciplinary Computer-Based Technology Classroom

Andy Bellings and Paul Tabor. Clark College

Administrating Your Unix Operating System

Hossein Hakimzadeh, Mark Tinguely and William Perrizo. North Dakota State University

An Alternate Second Course in the Artificial Intelligence Sequence

Adel M. Abunawass and Theresia G. Fisher. St. Cloud State University

Assembly Language is Still Alive

David L. Doss. Illinois State University

An Automated Software Analysis Tool

Peter Ho. Keene, Inc; Narayan C. Debnath. Winona State University

A Basic Instructional Approach to Microcomputer Organization

Raymond S. Barness and Narayan C. Debnath. Winona State University

Biomes of Iowa, Quick Time-Multimedia Units

Edward T. Cawley. Loras College

Bounding the Shift Function with the Busy Beaver Function

Bryant A. Julstrom. St. Cloud State University

Bringing the Library Online

Bruce Aarsvold. Augsburg College

Campus-Wide Information System on a Shoestring

J. Michael Yohe. University of Northern Iowa

CASE Tools for System Development

Gene Lundak. Winona State University

Competency-Based Grading in the Freshman Computer Science Course

Floyd H. Johnson. Northwestern College

Computer-Mediated Classrooms--Applications in the Humanities

Susan H. Gammill. Concordia College

A Course for Computer Science Majors on the Social Impact of Information Technology

Florence Appel. Saint Xavier University

A Course in Software Design and Development

Carolyn P. Steinhaus. Morningside College

Data Sheet Interchange Standard(DASIS)

Muriel B. Stone, Erle E. Johnson and Douglass Kjeldgaard. University of Northern Iowa

Developing a Computer Literate Faculty and Staff

Thomas L. Kessler and Patrick J. Wilkinson. University of Northern Iowa.

Development of a Student-Oriented Information Research Lab

Daniel J. Power, William C. Wood and Rachel R. Recker. University of Northern Iowa

DSI: A Tool for Developing Formal Denotational Descriptions of Programming Languages

C. Ramamurthy and K. E. Flannery. University of North Dakota

Educational Software in Political Science: Developing Qualitative Analytical Skills

Jeremy T. Lewis. University of Northern Iowa

Electronic Data Interchange--Its Present and Future Impact on World Trade

Andy Lopez, Dian Lopez and Brenda Schoenecker. University of Minnesota-Morris

Electronic Timekeeping within the North Dakota Higher Education System

Ronald Vetter. Moorhead State University; Al Manger. CBI Computer Services; Gary Wawers. North Dakota State University

Environmental Economics: Save the Earth

Anuradha Sabharwal. Mount Holyoke College

Experiments in Parallel Computing

Peter B. Worland. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Exploiting Magnetic ID Cards

Tom Peterson. University of Northern Iowa

The Fiber Optic Link Between Malcolm Price Laboratory School and the College of Education

Terri McDonald. University of Northern Iowa

A Full Screen Print Queue Manager for the IBM-PC

Floyd H. Johnson. Northwestern College

Hypermedia in Science Education

Mark Bergland. University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Implementing a CD-ROM Network at the University of Northern Iowa

Mary L. Mark, and Stanley P. Lyle. University of Northern Iowa

Incorporating the Capabilities of a Computer-based Technology Classroom into an Introductory Biology Course

Paul S. Tabor. Clarke College

Incorporating Closed Laboratories in the Computer Science Curriculum

Theresia G. Fisher. St. Cloud State University; Adel M. Abunwawass. Western Illinois University

Informatics: Some Thoughts About Computer Science for the Typical Undergraduate

David L. Ranum. Luther College

The Industrial Site Location Program: Creating an Informational Kiosk

Wes Taylor. University of Northern Iowa

Integrating Computer Enhancements into the Calculus Curriculum

Robert Banash and Barbara Muenster. St. Ambrose University

An Intelligent System for Transcript Evaluation

Robert Burke and Bin Cong. South Dakota State University

An Inexpensive Environment for Parallel and Distributed Computing

John DeRung, Dian Lopez and Diane Tracy. University of Minnesota-Morris

Inspiring Conversation Outside Class--Experimenting with Electronic Conferencing in Psychology Courses

William Dragon. Cornell College; Cheryl Chisnell. Vanderbilt University

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Performance Support System Development in the Undergraduate Curriculum

David L. Ranum. Luther College

An Introductory Course in Technology for Future Secondary Teachers

Lee Joanne Collins. Central College

The Iowa Communications Network

Robert W. Lutz. Drake University

Laboratory Experiments with Graph Algorithms

William Slough and Peter Andrews. Eastern Illinois University

Majors and More at UNI: An Interactive Experience on the Selection of a Major

Julie Heiple, Jean Neibauer and Virginia Spiegel. University of Northern Iowa

Making the Connection to the Internet from the Small School

Dan Boehlke. Gustavus Adolphus College; Bruce Cantrall. Cornell College; Tim Rebnord. Buena Vista College; Michael Sjulstad. St. Olaf College

Making Use of the Internet in the Small School

Tony de Laubenfels. Cornell College; Dale Nimrod. Luther College; Craig Rice. St Olaf College; Joe Traylor. Buena Vista College

A Methodology for the Formal Evaluation of an Expert System

Christine A. Macfarlane. University of Northern Iowa; K. Richard Young and Ron J. Thorkildsen. Utah State University

A Model for Student, Faculty and Staff Training to Support the Application of Technology Across the Curriculum

Paulette Church and Dan Hanson. Waldorf College

Motivating C Programming with TSR Assignments

Bill E. Swafford. Illinois State University

Multimedia, Computers, and Education--An Informational Summary

Tim Kachel. Jamestown College

Multilevel Security in Multidatabase Systems

Noureddine Boudriga. Faculty of Science of Tunis; Ramzi Haraty. Moorhead State University

MULTI-LINK, A Multi-Lingual Word Processor

Chou Tan and Abda Bashir. Moorhead State University

Newsgroups, Collaborative Groups, and Microthemes: Tools for Instructional Quality Management

Noel W. Anderson. North Dakota State University

Object Oriented Programming--A New Paradigm, or an Update on Traditional Knowledge Representation Schema?

Kathleen Van Kosky, Keith C. Asplund and Margaret Sklar. Northern Michigan University

Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using Semantic Data Modeling

Cyrus Azarbod. Mankato State University; Hossein Hakimzadeh and William Perrizo. North Dakota State University

Parallel Computing in a Non-Parallel Instructional Environment

Phylis E. Crandall and Michael J. Quinn. Oregon State University

Photorealistic Software for Teaching a Computer Graphics Course

Andrew L. Perrie. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Regularity and Construction of Universal Traversal Sequences

H. K. Dai, K. E. Flannery and T. E. O'Neil. University of North Dakota

Shareware Networking Tools That Enhance Campus Communication

Rob Robinson. Northwestern College

Sociology, Computing, and Statistics: A Path for Continuing Student Growth

Tim Thorsen. Alma College

Software Systems Development: Experience with Excelerator

Roger Yim Lee. Central Michigan University

A Software Tool for Teaching Dynamic Data Structures

Carolyn P. Steinhaus and Doug Rants. Morningside College

Storyspace: An Innovative Software Tool for Writing Instruction

Jeanie C. Crain, Roy Kunkle, Theresa Stubbs, Syra Ibrahim and Marci Abels. Missouri Western State College

Student/Faculty Research in Computer Science--Keys to Productive Collaboration

Leon Hannah Tabek. Cornell College

A Study of Indirect Array Subscript Comprehension--Using Computers to Teach Programming Concepts

Robert D. Franks. Central College

Teaching Recursion in a Laboratory Setting

Jason A. Moore. United States Air Force Academy

Trends in Pre-Collegiate Computer Literacy Experiences for Undergraduates Enrolled in Introduction to CIS Courses

Linda L. Brown and Ray C. Brown. Valley City State University

Technology and Teacher Education: A Working Model

Robert Muffoletto, Sharon E. Smaldino and Leigh Zeitz. University of Northern Iowa

A Unique Approach to Facilitating Project Development

Blayne Puklich and Sandy Sprafka. North Dakota State University

The Use of Walkthroughs in Computer Science Education

Judith C. Williams. William Penn College

Using Computers and Computer-Based Tools to Revitalize Mathematics and Physics at College of the Ozarks

Marvin L. DeJong. College of the Ozarks

Using Workstations to Make Introduction to Computers Easy and Painless

Jacob V. Gore. Eastern New Mexico University; Barbara M. Olds. Colorada School of Mines

Video Effects on the Netwek Toaster

Joseph J. Marchesani. University of Northern Iowa

Voice Processing in the College Curriculum

Bruce K. Kelley. Missouri Southern State College

Whose Problem Is It? Library and Computing Services Offer Collaborative Support

Mimi King and Donna Raleigh. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Worlds of Computing in a Single Room--Development, Implementation and Use of an Interdisciplinary Technology Classroom for Science and Math

Paul Tabor, Carol Spiegel, Sheila Castaneda, James Marie Gross, Judy Decker, Robert Adams and Andy Bellings. Clarke College

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