27th Annual Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium
April 29-30, 1994
Winona State University
Winona, Minnesota

Table Of Contents

Alternative Instructional Strategies: To and Within the Classroom

Michael J. Bozonie. Metropolitan State University

Application of Neural Network Technology in Finance Curriculum

Kevin Dougherty and Venkat Subramanian. University of Wisconsin-Parkside

An Assessment of the Computer Literacy of Incoming Students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Jan M. Larson. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Marian A. Smith. Chippewa Valley Technical College

Building an Operating Systems Laboratory Using an NSF ILI Grant: Our Experiences

Mohammad Saeed, Annette Schoenberger, and James W. Howatt. St. Cloud State University

A CAD-Integrated Process Planning System for Construction and Manufacturing

Md. Salim and Ali E. Kashef. University of Northern Iowa

A Capstone Information and Computer Systems Course: A Case Study

Michael J. Bozonie. Metropolitan State University

Closed Labs: An Effective Approach to Teaching Semantics in CS1

Theresia G. Fisher and Adel M. Abunawass. St. Cloud State University

Computer Algebra Systems and Business Calculations

William Slough, Peter Andrews and Duane Broline. Eastern Illinois University

Computer Centers Teaching Students: Does it Work?

Kathy Finder and Nancy Erickson, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

A Computer Integrated Curriculum for Graphic Communication and Design--The Technical Illustration/Graphic Design Program at Bemidji State University

Barbara R. Hanus, Wally Peck, Kermit Anderson, Charles Gagel, and Steven Sundahl. Bemidji State University

Computer Network Security

Radia Perlman. Novell, Inc.

Connectivity Between Software Engineering Projects Using High End CASE Tools and Low End CASE Tools

Cyrus Azarbod. Mankato State University; Gene Lundak. Winona State University

Cooperative Learning Instruction Vs. the Lecture Method of Instruction in Computer Classes

Monte S. Johnson. St. Cloud State University

Cooperative Learning in an Undergraduate Programming Course

Jean I. Mehta. St. Xavier University

Coupling Object-Oriented to Relational Systems

Gary Stroebel. Winona State University-Rochester Center

Demystifying the Object-Oriented Paradigm

Mark Paviviv. North Dakota State University

The Design and Implementation of an Electronic Distance Learning System Using Electronic Mail and Using a Network Multimedia System (Mosaic)

Paul Juell. North Dakota State University; John Wasson and Daniel Brekke. Moorhead State University; Ron Vetter. University of North Carolina-Wilmington

The Design of a Remote Low-Cost, Mutimedia Classroom

Paul Juell. North Dakota State University; Daniel Brekke. Moorhead State University; Ron Vetter. University of North Carolina-Wilmington; John Wasson. Moorhead State University

Developing a Tool System for Curriculum Design

Shaun-inn Wu. California State University-San Marcos

Development and Use of Interactive Experimental Simulations in Science Education

Mark Bergland. University of Wisconsin-River Falls

The Digital Media Fusion

Judson Rosebush. Judson Rosebush Company

Effect of Cooperative Group Size on College Students' Computer Knowledge and Attitude

Roger Von Holzen. Northwest Missouri State University

Experiments in Computer Architecture: A Reality in a Small College Environment

Larry L. Grover. St. Cloud State University

File Servers and Paperless Instruction

Jayavel Sounderpandian and Venkat Subramanian. University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Finding Uses for Internetworking Resources in Diverse Classroom Settings

Cecilia G. Manrique. University of Wisonsin-La Crosse

The Geographic Information Revolution for the College Curriculum

Chandra S. Balachandran and David L. Watt. North Dakota State University

An Incremental Approach for Migrating from C to C++

Hossein Hakimzadeh. Indiana University-South Bend; Cyrus Azarbod. Mankato State University

An Innovative Undergraduate Program in Applied Computing

David.W. Erbach and Vijay Kanabar. University of Winnipeg

Instructional Framework for CS-1 and CS-2: An Electronic Classroom

Jan M. Larson. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Marian A. Smith. Chippewa Valley Technical College

Introducing Coroutines in CS-2

Bryant S. Julstrom. St. Cloud State University

Panel: Introduction of New Media into University Curricula-Two Year's Experience

Dennis Battaglini, Nancy Jannik, Fred Otto, and Kimberley Sass. Winona State University

Intelligent Systems and Heuristics

S. Wolterstorff and B. Cong. South Dakota State University

Learning Arrays with Computer Aided Instruction in CS1

Kevin Cook, Tom Johnson, and Eric Kneer. St. Cloud State University

The Locked Unit Solution to Negative Transfer

Brad Hanson. St. Cloud State University

Managing a DBMS Term Project--A Pragmatic Approach

Eugene Y. Sheng. Western Illinois University

Markov Chains as a Predictor of Performance Decay in a PC-Based LAN Environment

Dennis Guster, David Robinson, and Adam Amato. St. Cloud State university

Models of Computation: An Introduction to Computer Science

Marty J. Wolf. Mankato State University

A Model Concurrent Programming Project for Implementation on Shared Memory and Message Passing Architectures

Ted Mims. Sangamon State University

A Multimedia, Computer-Assisted Teaching Module for Introductory Psychology

Thomas Brothen and James Dillemuth. University of Minnesota

Multiple Paradigms in the Introductory Computer Science Sequence

John Barr, Michael Goldweber and Chuck Leska. Ithaca College

Networking--The Practical Way

Jennifer Borthwick. University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Network Tools for Analysis and Teaching

Vijay Yadlapati and Robert C. Gammill. North Dakota State University

Object-Oriented Analysis Using A Toolkit

Roger Y. Lee, James P. Kelsh, and Richard St. Andre. Central Michigan University

On the Reliability of the Vertical and Longitudinal Redundancy Check

H. K. Dai and K. E. Flannery. University of North Dakota

Parallel Processing Laboratory Assignments Utilizing Portable Programs for Parallel Processing (P4)

Ted Mims. Sangamon State University; Sheila Castenada. Clarke College

Parameter Passing Using Assembler and High Level Procedures

Carol Lushbough. Teikyo Westmar University; John A. Lushbough. University of South Dakota

Periodicity and the Problem of Induction

Larry Crockett. Augsburg College

Personal Computers as Teaching Tools in the Physical Sciences

Kenneth T. Johnson. Muscatine Community College

Porting LANL CT Software From OS/2 to Windows NT

Patrick James McNeil. Doane College

Preparing First-Year Students for Object-Oriented Programming

W. D. Maurer. George Washington University

Project C.E.C.I.L.--Campus Electronic Communication Information Loop

William Steinman. Morningside College

PVM: An Affordable Parallel Processing Environment

Timothy J. Rolfe. Dakota State University

@Risk (at risk) to Reduce Risk: Risk Analysis, Simulation, Policy, and Educational Outcomes

Timm Thorsen. Alma College

The Role of Data Communication in Distance Learning

J. Michael Yohe. University of Northern Iowa

Routing, Flow-Control, and Congestion-Control in High-Speed Networks

Mark Fienup. University of Northern Iowa; Michael Haverdink. Iowa State University

A Simple Graphics Package for CS1

Peter Andrews and William Slough. Eastern Illinois University

A Study of Rotational Dynamics in a Computer Interfaced System

Mohammad Ruhul A. Chowdhury. Winona State University

Supernetting--Aggregate Class C IP Addresses at the Local Site

Gerald W. Cichanowski. Winona State University

Teaching C and Assembler Language Together

Robert C. Gammill. North Dakota State University

Teaching Assembler Language--But NOT for the Rest of Your Life

Thomas P. Wiggen. University of North Dakota

Teaching Certain Design Principles Using Spreadsheet Projects

Robin A. Alexander. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

A Tensor Product Formulation of the Good-Thomas Fast Fourier Transform: Theory and Implementation

S. Jennen, J.J. Gunelson, and R. W. Johnson. St. Cloud State University

Usage of Genetic Algorithms in Software Pipelining

Sarah Heymer. University of Minnesota-Morris

The Use of Computers in College Art Departments

Thomas Payne. Wartburg College

Using Animation to Understand the Performance of Parallel Programs

Brian M. Carlson. Dakota State University

Using Closed Labs as the Primary Instructional Format in Computer Science Classes

Gary McDonald and Merry McDonald. Northwest Missouri State University

Using a Network of Workstations for a Parallel Computing Laboratory

Thomas B. Gendreau, Paul Potter, and Milo Veilmirovic. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Panel: You Call Them Users: We Call Them Patrons and Other Issues Affecting Computer Services/Library Collaboration

Karen Fischer and Andy Lopez. University of Minnesota-Morris; Mimi King and Donna Raleigh. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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