28th Annual Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium
April 21-22, 1995
Augustana College
Sioux Falls, S.D.

Table Of Contents

Artificial Life: An Introductory Course

Adel M. Abunawass. Western Illinois University; Theresia G. Fisher. St. Cloud State University

Automated Data Analysis via Classroom Trees

Thorsen, Timm. Alma College

Building Access Webs

Doug Thayer and Ted Mims. Sangamon State University

Collaboration Between Small Colleges and Larger Universities on Curriculum Development Projects

Gary and Merry McDonald. Northwest Missouri State University; Jane Prey. University of Virginia

Comparison of a Random and Deterministic Algorithm for the MAXSAT Problem

Jeffrey A. Dean. Mankato State University

Computer Simulation of the Prey Model

Brian M. Carlson and Jeffrey L. Palmer. Dakota State University

Configuring a Multiprotocol PC-Based Network on a Shoestring Budget

Dennis Guster, Dennis Edholm and John Larson. St. Cloud State University

Considerations for Offering a College Course in a Hypermedia Environment on a Personal Computer and on the Internet

John Wasson. Moorhead State University

Enhancing Software Development Process

Narayan C. Debnath. Winona State University; Cary Walker. ShowCase Corporation

Evaluation of Computer Conferencing Tools for Conducting Collaborative Seminars on the Internet

Paul Juell and Ron Vetter. North Dakota State University; Daniel Brekke and John Wasson. Moorhead State University

Experiences in Implementation and Validation of a Backpropagation Neural Network in Visual BASIC

David R. Hodgon. University of North Dakota

An Expert System Prototype for Parallel Image Processing Applications: A Workstation Approach

Sung Y. Shin and Ali Salehnia. South Dakota State University

The Fuzzy Paradigm and Its Applications

Ezhilarasan Sambasivam. Missouri Western State University

A Generic Device Driver for the MINIX Operating System

Thomas R. O'Neil and Brant Knudson. University of North Dakota

Graphical User Interface for Internet Accessible Resources

Bhabani S. Misra. University of St. Thomas

Incorporating a Research Program in Robot Vision into an Undergraduate Teaching Environment

Karen T. Sutherland. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Integrating the INTERNET into the Computer Science Service Course

Floyd H. Johnson. Northwestern College

Integrating Internet Resources into the Classroom

Donna Raleigh and Betsy Richmond. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

INTERNET Access and Usage: An Investigation of Student Attitudes and Perceptions

Felix F. Dreher, John B. English and John L. Biesel. Pittsburg State University

Logistics of Running a Collaborative Multimedia Seminar Over the Internet

Paul Juell and Ron Vetter. North Dakota State University; Daniel Brekke and John Wasson. Moorhead State University

Managing a College World-Wide Web Space

Michael J. Yohe and Thomas C. Peterson. University of Northern Iowa

Mathematica in Active Learning Through Experimentation

Joyati Debnath. Winona State University

Neural Networks: A Survey of Structural Modification Learning Algorithms

J.I. Folland and H.K. Dai. University of North Dakota

Object-Oriented Software Systems Analysis and Design Using Together/C++

Roger Y. Lee and James P. Kelsh. Central Michigan University

Parallelizing Inductive Learning

Troy Meyerink and Bin Cong. South Dakota State University

Parallel Processing of an Existing FORTRAN Application in a Supercomputing Environment

Persis J. Wallace and Ted Mims. Sangamon State University

Parallel Processing at the Undergraduate Level

Mark Fienup. University of Northern Iowa

Peer Evaluations for Team Projects in Computer Science Courses

David L. Coleman and Henry C. Thibault. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Pointer Jumping on Hypercube Connected Networks

Guodong Li and Bin Cong. South Dakota State University

Professional Development and Curricular Integration in the Technological Age: Adventures in the CITI

Kathleen S. Finder and Susan McIntyre. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The Professor as a Programmer: Teachers Making Computer Tools for Their Students

Eric Johnson. Dakota State University

Queens on a Chessboard: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Timothy J. Rolfe. Dakota State University

Remote Computer Education for Health Care Professionals

Lowell Carmony. Lake Forest College; Frank Naeymi-Rad, David Hammergren and Timothy R. Gengembre. Chicago Medical School

Saving $$$ with a Low-Cost PC-Based Campus Network

Susan Gammill and Craig D. Lien. Concordia College

In Search of Effective Techniques for Teaching the Tools of the Internet

Susan M. Rosselet. Bemidji State University

A Semantics of Objects in Model-Based Specifications

David L. Coleman. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

A Shared Laboratory for Computer Science and Engineering

Robert Gammill and Val Tareski. North Dakota State College

Simulation of European Trade Routes

William Conley. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Sorting in Cubic Time: An Unusual Example of Computing Time Complexity

Bryant A. Julstrom. St. Cloud State University

Technology and Foreign Language Learning: A Reciprocal Relationship

Deborah L. Sullivan-Trainor. Concordia College

The Transputer: What is it?

Ben Brown. Northwestern College

Using daVinci to Tutor Students on Abstract Data Types

Matt Payne and Seth Lachner. University of Nebraska-Omaha

Using Spreadsheets to Teach Material Requirements Planning

Jayavel Sounderpandian. University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, WI

Utilizing an Object-Oriented Language to Implement Semaphores in Shared Memory

Michael McGraw and Ted Mims. Sangamon State University

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